The Office

First Lamp Architecture

First Lamp began in 2009 with the goal of becoming a full-service architecture and construction firm. We are a focused group of multidisciplinary architects and builders whose work includes custom residential, commercial, and multifamily projects.

We believe that our construction knowledge guides our client's vision to be more successful in every way. When the hands that hold the pencil also drive the nails, everything changes. Buildings mature through construction with the same creative focus and clarity that began their conception. Ideas become more practical and philosophically relevant to every client's project.


We are architects. Every person in the office holds a master of architecture degree. We all care deeply about designing dwellings that are rooted in their surroundings and are a living extension of their inhabitants. We are chasing a lifelong obsession of creating architecture with beauty and integrity.


We are builders. Every person in the office has a background in construction and building. Ideas must be communicated using the same diligence and care with which they are created. What the world sees as building is to us merely the completion of an idea. It is a mistake that design and construction have ever been seen as separate acts, so we have made them one.


Born into a family of draftsmen, tradesmen, and carpenters, Kevin represents the fifth generation in his family that has earned a living through the design and construction of residential architecture. He began working on homes during summers in high school, and later his architectural education at Texas Tech taught him to combine the acts of drawing and building in order to deepen the creative and functional integrity of a home.

His work is characterized by a strong emphasis on materials, detailing, proportion, and a sober sense of material and energy efficiency. Completion of his Master Degree program in 2002 included travel and architectural study in Italy. Throughout his education and career, he has worked on the design and construction of over 80 homes in Texas, Colorado, and Washington State.

Kevin is a LEED AP certified Architect, a Passive House Certified Builder, and a member of the Seattle Chapter of the AIA. He actively pursues oil painting and woodworking.



Robert grew up remodeling houses with his parents and lived in more than 20 homes before graduating from high school. He also spent countless hours in the high school art department. Sculpting, drawing or painting, he developed a desire for crafting objects with his hands. Pursuing a degree in architecture was a definite next step, allowing him to merge his passions.

While earning his Master of Architecture degree at Montana State University, Robert developed a fascination for high-performing and energy-efficient buildings. After graduating, Robert spent two years in Eugene, Oregon gaining experience in many different trades of construction.

Robert likes to sharpen his design process by working in the wood shop as well as the office. His hands-on approach, or design through discovery, allows him to put his ideas into practice and helps to flush out details through craft. Getting certified as a Passive House Consultant (CPHC) has helped to fulfill his desire to be responsibly informed and continues to motivate him.

Robert enjoys many other hobbies and interests the Pacific Northwest has to offer -- be it backpacking in the Olympics with his wife and dog, enjoying the rich culture by attending a play, woodworking or making homemade pasta.



Having spent the majority of his free time crafting furniture in his wood and metal shop, Cameron has developed a keen appreciation for well-crafted objects and has honed his craft in a number of different materials. Cameron believes craft is developed through time and practice – it is through this process he learned the importance of the detail. This shop time has fostered a deep immersion into tactile activities nurtured by a desire to design and build, leading to his formal education in architecture.

Cameron also generates an interest towards nature, and how architecture should become strongly informed by its context. This dialogue between the natural and the manmade provides opportunities to blend and to contrast – through form, material, and landscape, a wealth of value is imparted on a structure. Merging these principles with unyielding craft provides a project with character. It is this richness that provides a space with meaning, creating the sense of place, of memory.

Cameron graduated a Master of Architecture from Texas Tech University, where he also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture. During his tenure at University, he was fortunate enough to study architecture and design while abroad in Italy, Austria, and Germany, as well as in Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Cholula, Mexico.



Growing up in Upstate New York in a house his father built and helping with projects from an early age, planted the seeds of interest in homebuilding. Via a circuitous path of career options, education, and experiences, Matt has taken up the task of becoming a carpenter focusing on high-performance buildings. He finds deep gratification in working with his hands - whether through carpentry, cooking, or gardening. 

Matt approaches carpentry as a study in best practices, commitment to craftsmanship, and continuous learning and improvement. He is deeply committed to learning and instituting current building science and practices to build sound, efficient homes that last. Craftsmanship continuously informs Matt’s approach to carpentry - bringing artistry to execute details and produce beautiful homes. 

Prior to carpentry Matt studied ecology and how our choices can affect our environment on local and global scales, and he sees building high-performance homes as a natural extension of these choices. When he’s not on-site Matt can be found exploring Puget Sound with his wife and daughter, cooking with his immersion circulator or smoker, working on his own house, and attempting (passionately!) to grow a vegetable garden. 


In the fifth grade, Taylor wrote his first book report on what he aspired to be. His childhood friend at the time was the son of an Architect who allowed them to tag along on job sites, thus inspiring Taylor to choose that subject for his report. Since that report, Taylor has been hooked.

Throughout college and studying abroad, Taylor developed a passion for the craft of building. Understanding how things are made and the true nature of materials are what began to inform his design. Taylor is driven by those early fundamentals in conjunction with his passion for sustainable design and desire to make spaces that enrich the lives of the people who use them.

Taylor's projects have been awarded the AIA Home of the Month, been published in Seattle Homes and Gardens, and have been featured in the Seattle Metropolitan magazine. The Badger Mountain House was recently published in the Seattle Magazine "The Most Amazing Homes".

He studied Architecture in Vicenze, Italy and earned a Master of Architecture Degree from Texas Tech University.



From an early age Brent was always taking apart his toys and putting them back together, building something new from the parts he wasn't able to replace. If not tinkering, Brent would be drawing and sketching. With a fascination of parts and a love for drawing, it was only natural that Brent decided that Architect was the right profession for him.

Brent was raised in Montana and graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, graduating with a Master Degree in Architecture and studying architecture abroad in Italy. His experiences while growing up in Montana helped to hone his design skills and develop projects uniquely informed by their context and natural settings. His designs reflect sensitivity toward their places and are characterized by artful use of natural light, local materials, and landscapes. Brent moved to Seattle after graduating and has worked on multiple custom projects through all phases of design, documentation, and construction. 

Brent is an avid rock climber and mountaineer, trying to get outdoors as much as possible. He also enjoys listening and playing music, and currently he is pretending to be a luthier while attempting to build an archtop guitar in his spare time.



As an inquisitive child, Micah loved reading science books to find out how and why things work. From an early age he enjoyed problem solving and finding different ways to do the same thing. He recalls using a stopwatch to find a faster way to do his chores and when playing in the sandbox he would stay until it was too dark to see what he was trying to do. He still works with the same curiosity and dedication.

Micah grew up in the country spending the summers building sand-castles and tree forts in the woods of Texas, using his hands and his imagination to craft things. Micah has worked at a variety of jobs from commercial glazing to project estimation and sales, but prefers his roots in woodworking and carpentry.

 Micah draws much of his inspiration from music and is in active participant in Seattle’s live music culture. His decision to return to carpentry actually came from the Julien Baker song, “Everyone does.” Micah Is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and snowboarder in his free time.