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High Performance


High performance

The goal of First Lamp is to be a leader in the design and construction of beautiful architecture which is also energy efficient. We are committed to understanding and implementing the premier building science technologies and techniques. Building and designing Higher Performing homes is akin to our dedication of building at the highest level of integrity and durability. Our intent is to design and build our client's dream homes which are environmentally responsible, resilient, and most of all, beautiful.

Passive House

First lamp is dedicated to passive house design and construction as a new standard of high performance and environmental responsibility. Kevin is a certified passive house builder, while Taylor and Robert are certified passive house consultants. Every person in our office feels a responsibility to be versed and educated in passive house design and construction. 

Passive house design cuts energy consumption of code compliant buildings by 60-80 percent. Passive buildings are also desired for their superior indoor comfort, air quality, and smart technologies. Phius is an organization that provides research, technical standards, training, design tools, and professional certification.