Herron Island

We hope you've had a chance to check out our new design/build Herron Island Project. We had a lot of amazing experiences out on the island and thought we'd share some of those. A project we won't soon forget.

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New Website!

Welcome to the new First Lamp website! Make sure to check out the finished Herron Island Cabin and updates to a lot of our projects. We have a lot of projects, blog posts, and random stuff in the works so check back regularly to see what we've been working on. We also realized that it's 2016 and we should probably have an Instagram (firstlamparchitects) account for the office... follow us to find out what's happening (or has happened) in the office!

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Coming Soon.....

We've had a lot of things developing in the office lately... Check back in the next few weeks for some updates!

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Passive Haus Warm-Up

Recently Robert and Taylor in our office became Certified Passive House Consultants. Along with Kevin, who is a Certified Passive House Builder, half of our office is now certified in building or designing passive houses! 

We are currently building a First Lamp special – a high performance building with a Passive House design approach. It wasn’t a project goal to become passive house certified, however we used many of the same details and have sharpened our blades and pencils for the next home to be 100% certified. Below are photos of our progress.  

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Domestic Legibility

The Eastern Washington University Gallery of Art is holding an exhibit titled "Domestic Legibility" featuring artists Aaron Trampush of First Lamp Architects and Bradley Gunn.

The exhibit will run from Jan. 14 through Feb. 18, 2016. 

"Domestic Legibility" incorporates a variety of ephemeral and often unseen domestic artifacts reclaimed from demolished homes. The show develops an evolving conversation between the Gallery of Art and domestic spaces of the Pacific Northwest.

A catalogue of objects, texts and images are displayed along the outer walls while architectural installations interact with the gallery's light, volume, aromatics, sounds and textures.

Thoughtfully choreographed, each fragment contributes towards expressing subliminal characteristics of typical domestic spaces: a hallway, an attic, a threshold and a kitchen. The show includes habitable spaces, video, audio and aromatic experiences. 

Trampush, a co-founding director of the Seattle Demo Project, creates component based sensory artwork that emphasizes the sense of touch and evokes emotional responses. His work is developed by extensively researching user interaction and is informed by the perception of materiality and context.

This post is excerpted from the Cheney Post Free Press. For the full article click here

Photographs by Bradly Gunn.

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"So You Want To Be An Architect?"

We are proud and excited to share Kevin's recent lecture at the Texas Tech University College of Architecture. He spoke to an auditorium full of bright eyed, soon-to-be architects, about First Lamp’s meager beginnings, how architects can be more connected to our communities, and how we can put our clients needs ahead of our own preconceived ideas of design. Enjoy!

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Passive House Builder

First Lamp is happy to announce that Kevin, one of our founding partners, is now a Passive House Certified Builder.  Did we just hear you ask, “What is passive house and why should I care?” Here is a snippet from thePHIUS (Passive House Institute US) website:


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Watershed voted "Best of Washington"

The Watershed Pub and Kitchen was voted best new restaurant in Seattle!  Check out their Facebook page here for more details.  We were proud to be part of a the project and get the opportunity to know and work with some great folks.

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Madison Park Green Roof

We wanted to share a quick update on the Madison Park House.  We have completed installing the green roof over 100% of the structure.  This is the largest green roof installation we have done and we are excited about the resulting impact on design.  Ultimately this was installed to mitigate rain water from infiltrating the Seattle storm sewer system especially during heavy rains, but also serves as a dramatic impact to the design and look of the house.

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