Domestic Legibility

The Eastern Washington University Gallery of Art is holding an exhibit titled "Domestic Legibility" featuring artists Aaron Trampush of First Lamp Architects and Bradley Gunn.

The exhibit will run from Jan. 14 through Feb. 18, 2016. 

"Domestic Legibility" incorporates a variety of ephemeral and often unseen domestic artifacts reclaimed from demolished homes. The show develops an evolving conversation between the Gallery of Art and domestic spaces of the Pacific Northwest.

A catalogue of objects, texts and images are displayed along the outer walls while architectural installations interact with the gallery's light, volume, aromatics, sounds and textures.

Thoughtfully choreographed, each fragment contributes towards expressing subliminal characteristics of typical domestic spaces: a hallway, an attic, a threshold and a kitchen. The show includes habitable spaces, video, audio and aromatic experiences. 

Trampush, a co-founding director of the Seattle Demo Project, creates component based sensory artwork that emphasizes the sense of touch and evokes emotional responses. His work is developed by extensively researching user interaction and is informed by the perception of materiality and context.

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Photographs by Bradly Gunn.

Taylor Callaway