Spinning the Plates

We agree: It's been entirely too long since our last post.  Lately our attention has been spread thin across our current custom projects, updating the portfolio on this website, and searching for the next opportunity in the speculative realm.   In a flurry of backstage activity, we've been investigating the depths of wet mail, the Fremont Troll, and homes for babies.

We are particularly excited about the direction that the Roozen's design has taken.  Make sure you also visit both the orchid and mason lake additions to our "design approach" section of our site, which further communicate how our design process is a search for a project's story.  You can also find the mad park and magilvra homes, both recent additions to the "unbuilt works" section of our site along with the addition of the Covert Residence.

Thanks to friends, family, and colleagues for your relentless support, we'll keep our future updates more timely.

-First Lamp

Taylor Callaway