BIBS Insulation

On Ballard Aperture we chose to go with BIBS Insulation (Blown In Blanket).  The process starts with the insulators applying netting over the studs creating an enclosed box within each stud bay.  The next step is applying a hose in the netting and filling the stud bay with insulation.  The advantage of this process over traditional insulations is 1. The small particles of insulation fill all possible space within the wall 2. The insulation will not settle over time 3. We get a higher-than-code insulation value of R-23. Additionally, the insulation we chose is formaldehyde free.  In locations where blown-in was not feasible, such as the trussed roof and for the sound insulation between units, we used EcoBatt

The first Two images show the netting before the Blown in Batts are installed.

Taylor Callaway