Achieving the Proper Indoor Air Quality, Temperature, and Humidity

In order to maximize the quality of air inside the home we have applied a 4 part scheme.  1st is Air Sealing (See previous post "Air Sealing - What's the Big Deal").  The 2nd is the implementation of ERV's (Energy Recovery Ventilation) units.  These units control the natural ventilation by preconditioning the incoming outside air.  During times of warmer weather they dehumidified and cool the air and in cooler conditions warms up the outside air before distributing the naturally ventilated outside air inside the units.  These systems are one of the most effective ways to reduce the use of energy while keeping the relative humidity at optimal levels.

The 3rd part of the scheme is the use of Ductless (Mini-Split) Heat pumps for heating AND COOLING.  They have many advantages over traditional forced air systems.  First and foremost, they are up to 3 times more efficient than the most efficient furnaces on the market, and do not lose any of their energy through "duct-losses".  Also with no ducts you won't have the build up of dust and dander in a duct system subsequently being pushed though out the house dramatically reducing the spread of allergens etc... They also come with head units that are individually controlled with thermostats and remotes that allow for zoning.  

The 4th part of the scheme is the use of low VOC paints, stains and materials.  More on that in later posts...

See images below of the ERV's and Ductless Heat Pumps installed in Ballard Aperture.

ERV Units installed before drywall

Ductless heat pump unit installed on the top floor of Unit 2

Taylor Callaway