First Lamp visits the The Bullitt Center

We recently went on a tour of the Bullitt Center in Capitol Hill which, when complete, will be the Greenist Office Building in the world seeking the Living Building Challenge standard.  This is a very ambitious project that is trying to pave the way for what could be possible in future office building construction.

The most striking feature was the "living roof" that has enough solar panels to generate all of the buildings electrical needs. The complex shape is due to the building setbacks defined by the zoning code.  Because of the complex shape it was impossible to fill the roof with PV panels so they left some spaces that mimicked the openings in a tree canopy.  Other green features include rainwater collection, on-site wastewater treatment and geo-thermal heating.

Below is a picture gallery showing the waste treatment in the basement, rainwater collection barrels, geo-thermal heating (behind the storefront) and other views of the exterior and typical office space which are located on the exterior to allow for maximum light and fresh air.  Another impressive feature that marries design and function are the exterior automated louver systems.  They respond and change throughout the day based on the sun's location.  This can create a "shimmer" affect much like the scales of a school of fish or flock of birds moving through the sunlight.

Taylor Callaway